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We’ve all heard the saying that employees don’t quit a company, however, they do quit a leader! Well, isn’t that the truth! Strong and healthy leadership is at the heart of any successful team or organization. Ensuring employees and leaders have development opportunities available is essential to evoke employee motivation, retain qualified staff and ensure proactive strategic succession planning.


Topiary Consulting will work with your leader(s) on a one-on-one, or group basis to rethink the way they think! That’s right, we will help you transform performance by helping people think differently. Behavioral scientists have been using the Iceberg Model as a metaphor to help people visualize that:

  • ABOVE ICEBERG:Our performance (results) are driven by our set of behaviours (habits).
  • BELOW ICEBERG: It reveals how our behavior is driven by our emotions (feelings), which are essentially driven by our way of thinking (thoughts).
So to effectively build the capacity and competency of all leaders we will start underneath the iceberg and improve the way people think about thinking!

Leadership development and coaching sessions are all customized and shaped based on the current needs of the leader(s) and or the organization. We want to ensure that these initiatives are aligned with the business strategy, vision, mission, and corporate values. The framework for development will also be based on current job descriptions and the competencies associated with being a high performer within those roles.

Click Here to see an example of a competency model for different levels of leadership.

Research has proven that we only learn what we want to learn after the age of seven, no matter how many times people try to tell us something or that we need to change. By the time we enter the workforce our mental maps have already been established and it’s hard to adjust our hardwiring (opinion, judgments and assumptions) just because someone tells us to.

Topiary Consulting will create experiential learning workshops or activities that help generate those “ah-ha” moments needed when our brain finally connects the dots and looks at things from a different perspective. When our brain has an emotional connection to learning we are more inclined to “hardwire” that information into long-term memory.

~If you don't like how things are, change it! You're not a tree.~ Jim Rohn

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