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The Organization Workshop is a fun and exciting group experiential learning session with the intention to help turn system blindness into system sight, subsequently unlocking the mysteries of organizational life. The theme of the workshop is PARTNERSHIP; a relationship in which we are jointly committed to the success of whatever endeavor, process or project we are in.

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Participants are immersed in real life scenarios to experience what it is like to be:
    TOP – having overall responsibility for some piece of the action
    MIDDLE – caught between conflicting demands and priorities
    BOTTOM – on the receiving end of initiatives over which we have no control
    CUSTOMER – looking to some other person or group for a product of service we need
The Organization Workshop will:
  • Focus on the way people deal with the systemic conditions they face, rather than on their personalities;
  • Identify predictable, harmful patterns that keep popping up and how to avoid them;
  • Deal with the root, not the symptom, of the problem, so you can develop real, workable solutions;
  • Have FUN!
Participants walk away with:
  • A better appreciation for the difficult issues people deal with at all levels of the organization.
  • Learn powerful frameworks for understanding their system.
  • Realize that most problems are not personal they’re systemic.
  • Learn strategies for building the kinds of successful partnerships that make successful systems.
The workshop will shine a light on leadership and what it takes to move us from the “side show” to “centre ring” and open up discussion around “what else is possible?” Participants will learn to master each world and become an empowered employee that strives to be a:
    TOP – who creates responsibility throughout the organization.
    MIDDLE – who maintains my (our) independence of thought and action in the service of the system.
    BOTTOM – who is responsible for my condition and for the condition of the system.
    CUSTOMER – who gets involved in delivery processes and helps them work for me.

The Organization Workshop can be customized for smaller or larger groups and can run anywhere from four hours to a complete two day session depending on the needs of the organization.

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