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When a tree has establishment issues there will be signs and symptoms on the outside that can indicate underlying problems; for example, the foliage may turn from a healthy green colour to a brown or yellow colour or new shoots may sprout but end up dying back. These are signs for the gardener to be aware that there is a systemic issue going on and that the root system and soil need to be analyzed for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The successes and failures of an organization are very similar to the growth and health of a Topiary tree or garden. Organizational Development is a proactive approach and collaborative “process of increasing organizational effectiveness and facilitating personal and organizational change through the use of interventions driven by social and behavioral science knowledge” (Anderson, 2012).

Topiary Consulting will:
  • work with you to help identify organizational patterns that enable or impede your organization’s capability to be highly effective, innovative and adaptive especially during change and turbulent times.
  • work together to take a whole systems approach to understand the social systems and what is going on at an individual, group, organizational and environmental levels.
The Organizational Development practice can be broken down into four phases with three critical elements in each phase. These are not sequential steps but more a dance of concurrent activities that will help bring out new levels of awareness, insight and allow us to integrate that new information into customized intervention strategies.


Based on work from Susan M. Gallant and Daisy Rios.

Topiary Consulting will work with you to create the most efficient and practical approaches to collecting the qualitative and quantitative data needed to properly diagnosis the organization. This data will help determine the best intervention strategies required to build the competency of all employees and create a culture of collective responsibility at all levels.

~In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.~ Paulo Coelho, Aleph
~A tree without roots is just a piece of wood.~ Marco Pierre White

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Growing Strong Roots and Shaping Organizations at All Levels
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