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Gardeners will ask specific questions prior to planting a Topiary garden. What plant species would be best suited for the particular sculpture? What species grow best together and flourish in similar conditions? How many plants are needed to create the sculpture? Sound familiar? As leaders we need to be continually asking ourselves very similar questions in regards to the new teams we are creating, the teams we currently lead, and the teams we are members in. We may not always have the ability to pick and choose the teams we manage but at every given moment we have the opportunity to create the partnership needed to be successful across the organization.

Ask yourself:
  • What is the financial cost associated with having an unhealthy team, department or organization?
  • Do you have conflict among team members or across departments?
  • Are you seeing decreased productivity, wasted resources and a higher employee turnover?
All of these are signs that the team(s) may not be functioning like a high performance team.

Teams that reach optimal performance are teams that TRUST one another! Topiary Consulting will work with you and your team(s) to help build vulnerability trust by really getting to know one another and connected on a deeper level. We will create an environment of psychological safety that will enable team members to connect on an emotional level, share personal values, admit strengths/weaknesses and understand common behaviour patterns.

This is essential to ensure that all team members are able to provide honest feedback to each other while engaging in open and healthy dialogue. Teams that engage in these types of behaviour and activities are more inclined to hold each other accountable for performance and create a culture of collective responsibility. Teams that share a common vision and sustain the partnership needed to be successful are more likely to move the organization’s strategic objectives ahead.

We will Focus On:
  • Vision and Goals
  • Collaboration and Collective Results
  • Group Dynamics
  • Healthy Feedback
  • Accountability: Self & Peer to Peer
~Learn character from trees, values from roots, and change from leaves.~ Tasneem Hameed

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