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Strategic planning is the foundation to the success of any organization and is comparable to the roots of a topiary tree or garden.  When looking at a plant you can determine how healthy the root system is by what you see growing above the ground.  If the roots are healthy and well taken care of, the roots will drive strong healthy growth for years to come.  A great strategy will help cultivate your organization's culture and set clear direction to how and what your employees work on when no one is looking.  Topiary consulting will work with you to set a vision and help define the competencies needed for employees to be successful and achieve the organizational goals and initiatives.

If you do not have a plan, shared vision or understood purpose you may find that you and your employees are constantly reacting to the environment and working on initiatives that do not provide the necessary return on investment.  You might also observe that your employees are disengaged, resulting in lost productivity.   

Like roots to a tree - strategy is the lifeline to the health and growth of an organization as well as the employees, teams and departments within it.  When employees understand how they add value to the organization and can connect their daily activities to the larger strategic picture they will be motivated to achieve those desired result. 

Topiary consulting will work with you to define your organization's:
  • Mission – Why do you exist? What is your purpose?
  • Vision – Where do you want to be in a 3-5 year time period?
  • Guiding Principles – How you want to operate and behave?
  • Goals – What do you need to do to purposely work towards your vision?
  • Measurements – How do you define success?
  • Communication – What do employees/customers need to know to be successful?
  • Training – What competencies need to be addressed to be successful?
We can also provide strategic direction at a departmental, team or individual level.

Strategy is vital to ensure decision making remains focused, essential to how you conduct business, attract and retain customers, compete in the market and successfully achieve the organization's strategic goals. A great strategy helps you establish a foundation for organizational growth and success.

~A tree without roots is just a piece of wood.~ Marco Pierre White

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